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What can I say about personal training that hasn’t been said before? Let me put it into my own words. Being a professional bodybuilder and having the success I had achieved over a 25-year competitive career. I will try to help you to understand what led me to have such longevity and endurance in such a grueling and difficult sport such as bodybuilding.

I never saw myself as merely a bodybuilder but as an artist. An artist that chose to take barbells, dumbbells, and pulleys over a brush and clay. Rather than paint on a canvas or create a beautiful statue, my goal was to create a physique that would embody a true masterpiece. There was so much to learn from where I started, there was so much to endure and so many challenges of understanding oneself as well as conquering oneself. The level of intimacy which can be transcended in unifying one’s mind with one’s body; it’s a journey above all journeys. Starting from a teenager and having success through my 40s, great Challenges came. Throughout that journey, I was able to create that masterpiece that I envisioned in my mind when I was just a teenager with a lot of ambition. It has given me an understanding of the body that even though I’ve read hundreds of books, I could never have gained the education and understanding unless I had completed that journey.

When I take on a client, it’s a very personal endeavor for me because that person is trusting me to teach, motivate, and inspire them to be the best they can be. To learn their bodies in a way that no matter where they’re at, that they love their body and they care for it as if it’s the most precious gift. To enjoy every moment of training and caring for their body that they have while appreciating it and taking it through the stages of progress and improvement, not looking at themselves in disgust but loving the body that they have. It’s the most permanent relationship that exists, there’s no break-up, there’s no divorce.

If you are interested in training with Jean Laguerre, limited sessions are still available, please call 718-406-1200 or email to arrange a complimentary assessment and fitness evaluation. Training is conducted in Great Neck, Long Island, and Laurelton, Queens.

Jean Laguerre is also available for inspirational speaking engagements on the topics of fitness and an all natural and drug-free lifestyle.

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