A message to all teenagers…

Get out and have fun...

Whether you realize it or not, a lot rests on your shoulders, particularly the future of tomorrow. It is important that you see yourself not at present but where you will be in the future. You will be tomorrow’s doctors, lawyers, politicians, firefighters, policemen, and so on.

Through our present time of modernization and evolution, physically you have grown accustomed to living a sedentary lifestyle. Which basically means, you are not as physically active as what a generation ago was more common. So I’m speaking of a time before cable television, before every household had a computer, before Xbox, Playstation, GameBoy, etc. The time of riding your bikes every day and going to the park, running, chasing your friends and just playing ’till you were physically exhausted is now not so common. Being in front of the cable television, computer, and video games has made you physically out of shape as never before.

I want you to understand the importance of changing these trends, your bodies at present are in their primal stage of production and efficiency. Your hormonal level is at its all time peak. For example, if we were to measure a level of fitness on a scale of 1 to 10, 5 being average, 6 being above average, and 4 being below average, during your adolescent years, that number can be greatly elevated, simply through the common use of physical activity.

Whether, your passion is running, playing basketball, riding a bike, lifting weights, playing baseball, handball, hockey, soccer, doing basic calisthenics, push-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, all of these various physical activities can improve your health and well-being tremendously. A 5 could move up to a 7, a 6 may move up to a 8 or a 9, and even a 4 may advance to a 6 or a 7 because when you reach, what I will call the mainstream of adulthood, which means having a full-time job, rent to pay, perhaps in the future a wife or husband, children, working minimally a 40 hour week or more. If you had not capitalized during your teenage years of getting yourself accustomed to being physically fit, your chances of doing so later become tremendously difficult. And remember, after the age of 25 to 30, without physical activity to help maintain or improve one’s well-being and health, deterioration begins.

Inspire, motivate, and educate...

So, allow me to inspire, motivate, and educate you on how to get started because you represent our future.

Yours truly,
Jean Laguerre
Master Trainer
2x Mr. Natural U.S.A.

Jean Laguerre is available for inspirational speaking engagements on the topics of fitness and an all natural and drug-free lifestyle. If you are interested in booking Jean Laguerre, for an inspirational speaking event, please call
718-406-1200 or email info@mrnaturalusa.com.

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