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My name is Jean Laguerre. I am a certified trainer Master Trainer. I’ve had my personal training business for the last 16 years. I’m also a professional bodybuilder… Click for More

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My goal is to make a difference in the lives of coming generations so they can be better prepared to carry the torch for the future, make this a better world, and nation …Click for More

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What can I say about personal training that hasn’t been said before? Let me put it into my own words. Being a professional bodybuilder and having …Click for More

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“As a lifetime “all natural” bodybuilding champion, I am fully dedicated to fitness, nutrition, and exercise, and have been for the last 25 years! Using exclusively natural training regimens and holistic products, I would never compromise my health or my integrity by taking a product that was either artificial or second best. That is why I take Purity Products. I can trust their quality and their research. Each product I use, such as the Organic Super Reds™, OmegaBerry®, Evoxin CG™ Perfect Multi Super Greens® delivers incredible benefits for my energy, vitality, and focus. They help nourish my body so I can train hard, work hard and feel my best all the time. To me “Healthy Living” means exercising 3-5 times per week, getting healthy sleep, eating healthy and taking Purity Products’® supplements. You can do it! Take it from Mr. Natural.”

Two of my current favorite supplements, from a brand that I know and trust.

  • Get the book and read it!
    I’ve read The Art of the R.E.P. and it is packed with information about fitness. The book is detail oriented, explaining step by step a path to a good, well toned, healthy body. My advice to all who want to make serious changes to their body is, do not let this opportunity pass you by. Get the book and read it! Roland Michel Bodybuilding professional Certified fitness trainer
  • Hard work & Perseverance…
    I have been under the training and guidance of Jean Laguerre since 1983. When I started with Jean in this sport I was  26 years old. I struggled with 70 pounds on the bench press. After a few years of training, I became a professional bodybuilder,  powerlifter and certified trainer. Now at 61, I am still training and being coached by Jean. His knowledge about fitness training, bodybuilding, diet, and nutrition are extensive. Jean practices what he preaches; his physique is proof that hard work and perseverance will generate results. Roland Michel Professional bodybuilder Certified Trainer

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